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Blick in den Plenarsaal und hauptsächlich die Flaggen für Deutschland, Berlin und Europa

Grußwort des Präsidenten des Abgeordnetenhauses von Berlin Dennis Buchner zur Eröffnung des Co-Production-Marketes

18.02.2023 09:30, Abgeordnetenhaus, Festsaal

I welcome you most warmly to the Abgeordnetenhaus of Berlin. It is an honour for us to welcome you to our State Parliament, not only because the Berlinale Co-Production Market in this building has become a tradition over many years, but also because the Berlinale is a public festival and is undoubtedly also extremely political.

As a State Parliament, we make policy for the people in our city. The Berlinale is important for the people of Berlin, and there is no doubt that it is a small ray of light each year in the otherwise bleak depths of February. Historically, too, the Berlinale has played an important role. It was founded at the beginning of the Cold War as the “showcase of the Free World”. Even today it is still showing the world what it is, what it has been and what it could be. The entries from various different countries and cultures open up new perspectives and experiences for us, which in turn promote mutual understanding and tolerance. This is where people in the film industry come together from all over the world. This is living and breathing international exchange and common understanding. As a political festival, the Berlinale represents diversity, openness and freedom. These are also the values which characterise living in Berlin and to which we as a parliament, as the representatives of the people of Berlin, are committed.

Film is at home in Berlin. In front of the screen, film is for many people a change of perspective, a diversion, recognition, laughing and crying, yes, and often something enjoyed communally in their neighbourhoods. Behind the screen, it means for a great many people from Berlin and the whole world a career prospect which in most cases culminates in career fulfilment. There can be no doubt that Berlin has grown to be a pulsating film metropolis. To underline the importance of film for Berlin and its position in society, we as a state parliament have in the past year made a significant increase in the financial support we provide in our state budget for the film industry. What is more, the Senate decision ‘Berlin as a film-friendly city’ is intended to simplify permit procedures for on-location shooting, which will benefit film creatives from all over the world. We will be supporting this decision and monitoring its implementation in Parliament.

And of course we want to reinforce Berlin as a location for film by offering you a place for establishing contacts, connecting and networking here at the heart of Berlin’s democracy, the Abgeordnetenhaus of Berlin. Once again, top-class international producers, agents and distributors are here at this Co-Production Market, as well as representatives of broadcasters and sponsoring bodies, all actively looking to work on international co-productions. I hope that you are just as curious as I am about what film and drama series projects are going to be presented over this long weekend and whether the right co-production and financing partners can be found for them.

Dear guests, the international audience that is drawn to this city thanks to your work, the unforgettably parties, the red carpet and the long days and nights of films give the city a special flair. You are all a part of this and I would like to thank you most wholeheartedly in the name of the Abgeordnetenhaus of Berlin and in the name of the people of Berlin!

I look forward to your establishing and maintaining business contacts here and to deals being closed here for films that are going to move and thrill us all.

So now it just remains for me to wish you all a very successful Co-Production Market.

Thank you!